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Features at a glanceU-888 Premium
Head and foot articulation
Lumbar Support Motor
Neck Tilt Motor
Pre-set positionsFlat / ZeroG
Wireless remote with Torch
USB port
Underbed lightingFloor strip
Memory Buttons
Retainer bar
Headboard compatible
Weight Limits150 - 250kg
Sizes availableLong Single bed King Single bed Double bed Queen bed Dual King bed Dual Super Wide King bed
10-year guaranteeOn all moving parts. Including motors, and hand control
Lifetime guaranteeOn Bed frame

Next day metropolitan delivery anywhere in Australia


10 Years Mattress Warranty


Lifetime warranty on the frame


10 years warranty on electronics, lifters and motors

Next day metropolitan delivery anywhere in Australia

10 Years Mattress Warranty

Lifetime warranty on the frame

10 years warranty on electronics, lifters and motors

Improve circulation and wellbeing with a better sleep

A Beautiful sleeping experience

reduce your broken sleep

With the Ultramatic Memory foam mattress, it has been engineered to mould around your body giving you a more comfortable sleeping experience. It is built to be durable and breathable.

It is a completely different sleeping experience compared to an inner-spring mattresses.


Alleviate back and neck pain

Lay in the flatbed mode for a few minutes and then raise the bed to use the "Zero-G" setting on the bed and lay there for another few minutes. After that, go back to the flatbed setting and the first thing you will notice is the amount of pressure we all carry in our lower backs by laying flat.

Sleeping at an elevated position takes the pressure off your neck and lower back and provides the sensation of a "weightless" sleeping experience.

Once you use this setting, it is hard going back to sleeping on a flat bed.

Deeper sleep

By alleviating the pressure from your neck and pain provides many benefits such as reducing or avoiding snoring noises, less pressure on your neck and lower back giving you a deeper and more meaningful sleeping experience.

Feel more refreshed and energised. At the end of the day, sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity.


Improve circulation with vibrational massage

Vibration massage is a great way to circulate the blood throughout your muscles. Fall asleep easier and wake up with less fatigue.

Control your Smart Bed from the Ultramatic App

Our new Ultramatic App is now live on the App Store!

This bluetooth 4.0 application helps you connect to the bluetooth control box, you can move your adjustable bed with your mobile device.You have keys to move your back, leg or both, you also control the massage motors with this app.

app controller

Get a better night sleep with one of our 7 beds

90cm * 201cm
King Single
105cm * 201cm
150cm * 201cm
Split Queen
2x 75cm * 201cm
137cm * 187cm
Dual King
2x 90cm * 201cm
Dual Super Wide King
2x 105cm * 201cm

Single 90cm * 201cm

King Single 105cm * 201cm

Queen 150cm * 201cm

Split Queen 2x 75cm *201cm

Double 137cm * 187cm

Dual King 2x 90cm * 201cm

Dual Super Wide King 2x 105cm * 201cm

Your assurance of quality, comfort and satisfaction

All Ultramatic Adjustable beds are covered by an exclusive lifetime warranty on the frame and are guaranteed against defects and workmanship.

All working parts including all electronics, lifters and motors are covered by a 10 year warranty, this also includes the hand control. So you can sleep sound at night knowing that you are fully backed by Ultramatic’s renowned customer service.

Our exclusive extended Warranty periods are a testament to the quality of our product range. Our adjustable beds are number #1 in Australia.

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