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888 Premium Ultra Series The Adjustable Bed That Fits Your Lifestyle

Designed with the highest level of aesthetic appeal in mind, the 888 Premium Ultra Series offers the consumer lifestyle base packed with features and benefits. The fit and finish make it look like an ordinary bed or box spring, making it your secret that it is an adjustable bed. Taking pleasure on any position while watching TV, reading a book or even working on your laptop are just some of the many benefits of the 888 series.

Design & Quality Features


1001 different positions to ensure you will find the most comfortable position


Vibrational massage therapy with 6 different levels of intensity


Complete with 10, 20 and 30 minute massage timer


Zero Gravity, TV, reading position pre programmed


Ultra modern wireless hand control


Lifetime warranty on the base


10 years warranty on all moving part including the hand control


Battery back up


Night light feature


Wall hugging technology

Ultramatic Bed Sizes

Ultramatic Adjustable Beds are available in five different sizes to ensure you are supported through out the night with a size that suits your needs to ensure a great night sleep every night.

Single – 36” x 80” ( 90cm x 201cm)
King Single – 42” x 80” ( 105cm x 201cm)
Queen – 60” x 80” ( 150cm x 201cm)
Dual King 2 x 36” x 80” ( 2 x 90cm x 201cm)
Dual Super wide king 2 x 42” x 80” ( 2 x 105cm x 201cm)

Ultramatic mattresses

Getting the right mattress can be the key to improving your sleeping and health. All our mattresses are designed and manufactured specifically for our adjustable beds. Every Ultramatic mattress is hand made and crafted and is tested extensively to ensure consistency across the whole sleep surface. We’re confident our mattresses are the most resilient in the world.

1. Ultramatic Body Choice Memory foam mattresses

These mattresses are covered in a luxurious cotton blend fabric, creating and incredibly comfortable sleep surface, that is completely removable for washing convenience. Our mattresses are specially designed to allow bend without causing internal damage. We know our mattresses are stronger and more durable than others this is how we are able to provide a 10 year full replacement warranty

Key Features on the Mattress


30cm thick mattress uniquely designed to help reduce average body pressure while you sleep, which can help reduce tossing and turning for a deeper and more restful sleep


5cm of Cool Performer Foam infused with Nano Gel (in the cool max mattresses): a comfort layer that regulates the surface temperature for all seasons, and conforms to your body’s shape


Fast-Response Resilient Memory Foam: Our high quality foam along with our unique construction provides you the extra support


Cooling OXYGEN Fabric Cover: Breathable fabric cover allows air to circulate and significantly dissipates heat


Designed for both flat bases and Adjustable Beds

2. Ultramatic Body Choice Inner Spring Mattress

These mattresses are deep-quilted and covered in a luxurious cotton-blend fabric, creating an incredibly comfortable sleep surface. They use our patented Hinge-Flex® superior coils specially designed to allow your mattress to bend without causing internal damage. We know our mattresses are stronger and more durable than others. We’ve also used the latest design techniques to secure the edges whilst allowing your mattress to move flexibly.

Most of us sleep on inner-spring mattresses and like this to continue when we buy an adjustable bed. Our inner-spring mattresses are designed especially for bending on adjustable beds. Because of their materials and workmanship are so superior we provide a 10 year full replacement warranty on our range of mattresses.

Ultramatic Body Choice special feature includes


Patented Hinge-Flex® knotted offset springs 


Springs can be customised to different tensions – soft, medium and firm


Unique air flow technology designed to allow air to circulate


Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia


Long term protection from dust mites, mildew and bacteria


10 Years full replacement Warranty


Proudly Australian made.

We are so confident that our Ultramatic adjustable beds will be your perfect sleep solution that we offer unrivalled guarantees and quality assurance.

Your Assurance of Quality, Comfort and Satisfaction

All Ultramatic Adjustable beds are covered by an exclusive lifetime warranty on the frame and are guaranteed against defects and workmanship.

All working parts including all electronics, lifters and motors are covered by a 10 year warranty, this also includes the hand control. So you can sleep sound at night knowing that you are fully backed by Ultramatic’s renowned customer service.

Our exclusive extended Warranty periods are a testament to the quality of our product range. Our adjustable beds are number #1 in Australia.

Ultramatic adjustable beds offer same day Australia-wide delivery. Our nationwide premium delivery assures you of prompt and convenient delivery regardless of where you live.

Some companies ask you to assemble the bed yourself. Not Ultramatic. We don’t just drop off your Ultramatic Adjustable Bed and drive away. We believe you deserve the royal treatment! Your friendly and professional delivery staff will install your new Ultramatic bed right in your bedroom.

The Ultramatic adjustable bed is compatible with all standard headboard sizes, bedsteads and four-poster beds.

All bedsteads and four-poster beds have siderails or sideboards connecting the headboard to the footboard — making it free-standing. Therefore, no headboard brackets are needed. However, depending on the height of your bedstead, you may need to use taller legs. Please check with your sales representative.

The Ultramatic adjustable bed is simply placed inside your bedstead or four-poster bed because it stands on its own frame and legs. It’s like putting one box inside another.

What could be more convenient!

We’ve cut out the middle man to offer you the lowest prices available on Adjustable beds. Because we ship factory-direct from our central warehouse and not through costly retail outlets we are able to offer you unbeatable prices on our premium quality beds.

In fact, not only do we guarantee you the lowest prices in Australia, we promise to beat any advertised price on a comparable bed by $100!


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